How to make Pen Drive as Boot-able Windows Setup Like Windows Disk?

It is very easy to make pen drive as Boot-able Windows setup like windows disk.
For this, at first enter your pen drive into your USB port.
i) Now click on start button, the write "Command Prompt" in search box and press "Enter" Button. Then "Command Prompt" will be open.

ii) Now write "diskpart" and press "Enter" Button.

iii) Write "list disk" and press "Enter" button.

iv) Now write "select disk 1" ( it is our pen drive) and press "Enter" Button.

v) Write "clean" and press "Enter" button.

vi) Write "create partition primary" and press "Enter" button.

vii) Write "format recommended" and press "Enter" Button.
Now you have to wait until 100% completed. After a few minutes "100 percent" will be completed. So wait......... 

vii) Now write "active" and press "Enter" Button.

viii) Write "exit" and press "Enter" Button.
All the process is completed. Now exit "Command Prompt".

=> Now you have to copy the "windows setup file" and then paste into the "pen drive".
This the process. Now you can able to use that pen drive as a boot-able pen drive for setup windows.

See the video tutorial in below: