How to setup password in Windows 10?

Want to setup password in Windows 10. Don't worry, Now I will show this step by step.

1. For this, At first click on "Start Menu".

2. Now click on "Account" Option.

3. Then click on "Change account settings" option.

4. Then click on "Sign-in Options".

5. Now click on "Add" button under "Password" Section.

6. Then enter your password in "New Password" and "Reenter Password" box. Also enter a password hints in "Password hints" box. Password hints is like "Resnick" or your name.

7. After entering your password and password hints, then click on "Next" button.

8. At the final step click on "Finish" button.

After a few second the process will be completed. This is the process to setup password in Windows 10.
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