How to download and install Skype??

How to download and install Skype??
It is very easy. Now I will see you step by step.

1. At first open your google chrome browser.

2. Now write down and Hit Enter button from your keyboard.

3. Then Skype website will be open on your google chrome Browser.

4. Now click on Download option

5. Click on Computer option.

6. Then click on Get Skype for Windows.

7. Please wait for few seconds. Once download will be started and wait for full download.

8. After completed Skypesetup.exe Software, then click on Skypesetup.exe

9. Then Skype Setup diagram will be open.

10. Now click on Run option.

11. Then click on I agree - next option.

12. Then the below step will be open.

13. Now Uncheck the two option:
* Make Bing my search engine
* Make MSN my homepage
and then click on Continue option.

14. Please wait while Skype is installed. This may take a few minutes.

15. Finally after few minutes, once Skype software will be install completed.

Thank you very much see this tutorial. If this tutorial will help you. Please share it.