Winrar Software

"Winrar" Software:

In this section, I will discuss about 4 parts of Winrar Software. These are including:
a) Why Winrar software is used?
b) How to download Winrar software?
c) How to install Winrar software?
d) How to work Winrar software?

Part a: Why Winrar Software is used?
=> Generally Winrar software is used to Extract any Zip and Rar file.

Part b: How to download Winrar Software?
=> To download Winrar Software software, Click on the below "Download" button.

=> See the below image.

=> Then the download will be start and once it will be completed.

Part b: How to install Winrar?
=> i) First double on Winrar software, Then Winrar Install panel will be open.

ii) Now click on "Install" button.

iii) Then Click on "Select all" and click on "Ok" button.

iv) Now click on "Done" Button.

=> This is the process to install Winrar software.

Part d: How to work Winrar software?
=> Basically Winrar software is use to Extract any Zip or Rar file. Now I will show, How Extract any Zip or Rar file by Winrar Software.

For this, See the below process:i) "Right click" on a Zip file.

ii) Then click "Extract Here" Button.

=> Thus the Zip file will started to Extract on that location and once it will be completed to Extract.

=> This the total process of Winrar Software. If you have any question, Please comments here.